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Tips for avoiding high risk of pancreatic cancer

Tips for avoiding high risk of pancreatic cancer
Written by: Andy Mac Laughlin

Many everyday items contribute significantly to vulnerability.

With the recent publicity given pancreatic cancer following the tragic death of Patrick Swayze, has posted six ways to protect against the disease.

Among the top five leading cancers in the U.S., people suffering from diabetes, gall bladder disease, celiac disease and liver damage are particularly succeptible. Many household items increase the risk, and their list focuses on items that require note.

(1): Alcohol and hard liquor, which damage the liver and pancreas.

(2): Cigarettes, an environmental trigger for pancreatic cancer among predisposed patients.

(3): Soda, and foods that raise insulin blood levels, as pancreatic cancer is among the many disease risks for people with a high insulin blood level.

(4): Non-stick pots, some experts link these to the chemical PFOA, which has proved cancerous in animal studies.

(5): Soft plastics, many contain phthalates (teething rings, water bottles, etc.) which many research articles link to cancer.

(6): Animal and trans fats, as a study in June 2009 showed a direct relationship between pancreatic cancer and dairy or red-meat derived fats.

The warning is rather frightening, as many of the items are so commonplace. Forewarned is forearmed though, and better awareness may save lives.

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